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Wentwood Timber Centre was set up in 2002 by Monmouthshire County Council, in partnership with Coed Cymru (more about Coed Cymru below).  Although hardwood woodlands cover 14% of Monmouthshire, very little of this has been actively managed since the Second World War, so Wentwood Timber Centre was established to help encourage active management of these woodlands, and simultaneously provide businesses and individuals with a source of local sustainably managed timber.


In 2011 it was decided the time had come to move the Centre into private ownership, and the present owners took over, and continued to market the existing stock and replenish it as necessary.


Timber buying policies have changed little with the new ownership.  All species stocked are sourced within South East Wales or neighbouring counties.  For more about sustainability see our Environmental page.







The site of Wentwood Timber Centre is an old Forestry Commission site in Wentwood Forest.  It is a wonderful location in the heart of the last remaining part of the Great Forest of Gwent.  Sadly very few of the native trees remain, though the Woodland Trust have bought around 900 acres of the Forest and have a 100 year plan to restore it to its former glory.  Despite the non-native conifers there is much beauty throughout the forest, and it is entirely managed according to Forestry Stewardship Council standards.



Coed Cymru


Coed Cymru is an all Wales charity initiative to promote the management of broadleaf woodlands and the use of locally grown hardwood timber in Wales.  Despite the fact that so much woodland in Wales (and in all of the UK) has been planted with conifers (softwoods), Wales still has over 300,000 acres of broadleaved woodlands (hardwoods).  Since 1985 Coed Cymru staff have prepared management plans covering 77,653 acres, almost a quarter of Welsh broadleaved woodlands. 


Coed Cymru initially offer free advice to woodland owners on sustainable woodland management.  Further ongoing, cost free assistance can then be provided by drawing up woodland management plans and grant applications on behalf of owners, prior to overseeing the work taking place.  Coed Cymru provides a similar service for the creation of new native woodlands of any size.


Additionally, Coed Cymru also actively seek ways of better marketing local timber stocks, including developing new products and methods.  They have achieved very interesting results utilising the types of timber that predominate in Welsh hardwood forests.  Some of these products are on display at Wentwood Timber Centre including highly durable low maintenance window frames, beautiful end-grain floor tiles, heat treated timber and even desks and chairs.


Wentwood Timber Centre continues to have close links with Coed Cymru and will work with them in the future to encourage local timber supply and sustainability.


To learn more about Coed Cymru visit their website.