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Firewood Forecast – updated Thursday 20 November 2019 – we are out of firewood sorry except offcuts (see Bargain basement below).  The kiln will go on again early December so watch this space.


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We sell top quality kiln dried firewood in large but manageable bags.  Each bag weighs around 20 kilos (softwood) or 25 kilos (hardwood) and this is what they look like.




The bags are hand filled and are packed tight not loose.


We do not deliver but due to the size bags we use, most people can fit five or six or even eight in a car.  With the rear seats folded down a Ford Focus can fit eight bags.  For comparison purposes, it takes six and a half of our bags to fill one of the builders type ‘Ton bags’.


The price is £10 per bag for softwood or £13 per bag for hardwood.  There is also a deposit of £2 per bag, but this is returned as long as we get the bags back.  If you are wondering which is better (softwood or hardwood), that is a matter of personal preference.  The hardwood will last longer and therefore you get more heat from each bag.  Our pricing means however that per kilowatt the softwood is slightly cheaper, but you will have to feed your fire more often.  Also the softwood comes up to heat much quicker.  A lot also depends on your woodburner, as some modern woodburners cannot be turned down effectively, which means the only way to moderate the heat output is to use dense large logs, whereas other models are more controllable and will work well with all types of log.


Availability: Details at the top of this page – if this has not been updated for a week or two it is best to ring or email, otherwise you can trust what it says!




Our firewood is sometimes split logs and sometimes sawmill offcuts, but it is always the same quality – decent size pieces dried to around 20% moisture.  We air dry the logs, then finish them off in the kiln.  Each piece will be no more than 250mm (10 inches) long. 


Bargain basement: we also sell small off-cuts in the same size bags, which consist of mixed types of wood, too small for burning on their own (unless you don’t mind feeding your fire a lot).  These are ideal for getting the fire going and when it needs a quick boost or for firepits and chimineas.  In fact some of it will be small enough to use as kindling, so it may save you buying kindling separately.  This is priced at £5 per bag (plus the bag deposit).



Frequently Asked Questions




Is your firewood suitable for firepits, chimineas and pizza ovens?


Yes our firewood is ideal for firepits chimineas and pizza ovens as well as open fires and woodburners.  All of our wood is untreated virgin wood never reclaimed, treated or otherwise contaminated so is perfectly safe for cooking food as well as keeping you toasty whilst relaxing on your patio in the long summer evenings.


Is moisture content Important?


Yes.  Some wood is naturally fairly dry (ash for instance) so you might get away with moderate drying.  But in the case of the wetter woods (oak, beech and many others) you really are wasting your time burning anything but the driest firewood.  For example, fully dried oak will give fantastic heat and burn for a long time.  Unseasoned oak on the other hand will burn barely at all and give off almost no heat.  This is why ash is known as such good firewood.  It is in fact no better than oak or many others, but it is drier. 


In addition, burning wood that isn’t properly dry will produce harmful deposits which can harm your flue.  The author of this website burns dry wood and never has to clean the glass in his woodburner – it simply never soots up.  If you find your glass soots up it may be because your firewood is not dry.



What does a smoky fire mean?


Thick smoke coming from a wood fire indicates either wet wood or incomplete combustion.  Burning truly dry wood like ours will be virtually smokeless most of the time.



Is it true that softwood is no good as firewood?


No, many softwoods are good firewood if they are dried properly.  But it all depends on the species.  For instance Larch is good firewood, and certainly much better than Lime, Poplar or Willow which are all hardwoods.  Some people are put off burning softwoods because they have heard that softwoods can cause tarry deposits in the flue – this is allegedly true for Pine and Cypress, but not for the softwoods that we sell which are Larch and Douglas Fir.     



Why have you increased the bag deposit?


We have now had bags specially made for us to a better shape (but the same overall size) and so we have been forced to increase the price accordingly.



Why don’t you use the bulk builder’s bags like everyone else?


We discovered that many of our customers don’t have a forklift truck at home, so it was not very convenient for them to get the wood to their log store.  The smaller bags we use are manageable for one person to lift, or if you are not confident of lifting 25 kilos on your own they can be carried by two people grabbing a handle each.



I can buy a ton bag for £50 elsewhere – why are you more expensive?


There are places where you can buy a bulk bag for £50, but there is no-one selling bulk bags of properly dried hardwood for this price.  It is usually completely unseasoned.  And by the way it is never a ton – even really wet wood filling a “Ton Bag” only weighs a quarter of a ton or so.


Note: Usually the firewood at Wentwood Timber is actually processed and retailed by Gavin as a self-employed individual.  So strictly speaking this is not a Wentwood Timber Centre product at all, which is why if you pay by card it is on a separate card machine.