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As well as rough sawn timber we can also plane timber to your required size.


We donít get involved in specialist machining, but please feel free to contact us or look at our links page as we know many local joiners so can probably suggest someone who can help.


We can produce hardwood flooring to order Ė these can be traditional floorboards with square edges for fixing straight to joists, or modern tongue and groove boards for laying over old floorboards or onto a solid floor.Widths can be narrow (85mm) or wide (145mm).Species will depend on availability of dry wood, but Alder is very attractive and usually available, and a lovely warm golden colour.Samples are on display for you to look at; and best of all they are from local timbers, sawn and machined locally or on-site.None of our wood has been to China and back before you buy it!The photo below shows Alder narrow boards.




Flooring prices range from £35 per square metre, up to £45 (plus VAT).Price depends on species, width and thickness.Boards will be of random lengths but usually over 1.2 metres and up to 2.4 metres.The boards in the photo have all been given a coat of varnish, to show the final effect, but they will be supplied unfinished for you to apply your own finish of varnish, oil or wax (or a combination).Please ask for guidance on finishing.