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Our lovely little shop is open onsite whenever we are open (8:30 to 4:30 weekdays and 9 to 12:30 Saturdays) and contains beautiful hand made items, largely from makers who are based on site here in Wentwood Forest, but also a few items from other local skilled people.


Stock varies as everything is hand made and unique – nothing is bought in or made in a factory, so we can’t guarantee stock levels at any one time. 


2017-12-18 23.10.14.jpg


Some items made by John:


2017-12-18 23.13.55.jpg


And some by Paul:


2017-12-18 23.12.38.jpg


And a few more pictures to give you an idea of the type of items available.


2017-12-18 23.10.21.jpg


2017-12-18 23.11.19.jpg


We are looking for more makers to stock our shop, though we will be very selective so that our outlet is genuinely different and high quality.