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If you have one or more trees to sell it might be worth getting in touch as we are small enough to buy individual trees, as well as lorry loads.


The species we are most interested in are:


Cedar of Lebanon (and its relatives, Blue Cedar, Deodar etc)








Oak, including Holm Oak


Sweet Chestnut








And sometimes other species including Alder, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Apple, Plum, Holly.



Will we want your tree or trees?


This depends on many factors:


Firstly access can be a problem: most trees can be extracted or even milled where they lie, but the steeper the ground and the more difficult it is to get a vehicle near, the more expensive it will be for us, therefore the less likely we will be able to make a good offer.


Secondly the tree or trees themselves.  If there is a good sized trunk (at least say 48 inch circumference/16 inch diameter) which is at least 8 feet before it divides then there is a chance it will be of use to us.  Another important factor is whether the trunk may contain fencing wire or nails – these will play havoc with saw blades.


Thirdly the price will need to be realistic.  Rough prices for tree buts are listed below, so look at this as a guide.  Sometimes we make an offer for a tree and the owner says “It Is worth more as firewood”.  But this is never in fact the case as we always pay more than firewood value, but the owner may be calculating how much it would be worth when cut up, split, dried for two seasons and then delivered to customers.  Once all this is done then yes firewood value is at least £100 per ton, but as unprocessed tree trunks the value as firewood is less than half this.


Values we pay per ton of sawmill size logs:


Cedar of Lebanon (and its relatives, Blue Cedar, Deodar etc): £60 to £100


Elm: £50 to £120


Lime: £60


Oak: £100 to £120 (oak with bends is also useful but worth less)  And note the minimum size oak we usually buy is about 62 inches circumference/20 inches diameter)


Sweet Chestnut: £60


Sycamore: £80


Walnut: £150


Yew: £80 to £130


But remember we will have to allow for transport costs, unless of course you are in a position to deliver.  So as an example if you have a decent oak with let’s say a 16 foot long trunk with a circumference in the middle of 72 inches, this will be around 1.4 tons.  So when this is at our yard it is worth around £168.  If the log is say in Chepstow it will cost probably £140 to get a specialist to collect it, so the value we can offer is just £30 or so.  On the other hand, if you had three such oaks, the price for collecting them will be about the same for three as it is for one, so we may be able to offer around £350.


By the way, it may be necessary to ask questions about why the tree or trees was felled – we will never buy logs that appear to have been illegally felled.