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We have had such a good response to our locally made briquettes we have now started a local delivery round.  You can still come and collect them from us whenever we are open, but if you prefer we will deliver them to you weekly.  The areas covered are Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran, Usk, Chepstow (and areas in between e.g. Caldicot, Caerleon) at present.  Cardiff coverage is the main Cardiff suburbs so CF3, CF5, CF10, CF11, CF14 CF23, CF24 postcodes only.





How does it work?


Think of it as a milk round for your briquettes.  We do not knock on your door, we simply leave your bags of briquettes by your front door (covered if there is rain around).  Delivery day is currently Thursday for Newport, Usk and Chepstow and Tuesday for Cardiff, so any orders placed and paid for by the end of the previous day (10pm) will be included.



How do I order?


Ordering is by our website only.  All you have to do is pay below and complete the delivery address and contact details.  The cost is £5.30 to £6.50 per bag depending on how many you order (minimum 6 bags).  You do not need to register with us or create an account; to place an order simply complete the three fields below, select “Buy Now” and then PayPal will do the rest (even if you do not have a PayPal account).

Choose quantity
Delivery address
Contact details





There is no extra delivery charge and we will also supply free eco-firelighters with every delivery. 


We will confirm your order either by email or phone during business hours, and then you will not hear until your order arrives, unless there is a problem with your order.



Do I have to have a regular order like a milk round?


No – we simply deliver to everyone who has ordered.  If you don’t order you won’t receive briquettes.



Can I track my order? 


No – it will simply be delivered the first delivery day after you place your order between 9am and 5pm.



Are there any Thursdays/Tuesdays you do not deliver? 


No deliveries will be made in school summer holiday (last week of July to the first week of September), otherwise the service continues all year (possible changes some years at Christmas).



Tell me more about the briquettes.


Visit our firewood page for full details.



What happens if it rains?


If there is any rain around your bags of briquettes will be covered with a re-purposed tarpaulin so as long as they are taken inside the same day they will be fine.



What do I do with the tarpaulin?


Please keep it, allow it to dry and put it out again next time you are expecting a delivery from us.



Can I pay by cash or any other method?


We only accept cash or face to face card payment if you visit us at our site in Wentwood Forest and place your order in person, so most people pay via this webpage.  It is not possible to pay the delivery driver.